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RCN has a trusted and long established supply chain, having been trading since 2001; because of this we have access into leading IT software and hardware vendors. Our rigourous quality proceedures and team of source buyers and negotiators will get you the best products, at the best prices, all backed by our excellent service.

Our procurement service does not have to stop at the supply the equipment; we can work with you as your desktop and laptop supplier, and as part of the procurement process build a custom operating system image for your business which will give you:

  • Time and money savings when deploying the system
  • An image that is built, tested and verified
  • Your business applications already installed as they will form part of the system image
  • No "bloatware" which is typical with manufacturer-standard operating system builds

We can help you with procurement with all the top vendors for:

  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Servers and licensing solutions
  • Storage Arrays and SANS
  • Network equipment; switches, firewalls, routers, etc
  • Bespoke solutions such as intrusion detection, fibre channels, etc
  • Opering systems including all Microsoft products
  • Virtulisation solutions including VMWare, XEN and HyperV

If you are unsure of which products and systems you need, please speak with us about our consultancy services. If you know what you need, try our procurement services to see how we can benefit your business.

We can streamline your business procurement needs

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