Remote Assistance

If you have been asked to provide remote access to your computer by one of our engineers, please follow the instructions below.

If you have not yet reported your issue, please contact us before continuing any further.

Use Microsoft Edge to download the support tool.
  1. Download the support tool

    When the download has completed, click its icon (in your browser's downloads list) to launch the support tool.

  2. Proceed through any prompts

    You will also need to tick the box to accept the TeamViewer end-user licence agreement (EULA) and continue.

  3. Note your session ID number

    The support tool will display a unique ID; pass this number to the support engineer by replying to their e-mail.

You may see a TeamViewer prompt to confirm the engineer's remote access; you must accept this to allow the connection.
Please DO NOT close the support tool, or the engineer will not be able to connect to your computer.

Need help? Please call