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IT Auditing

Have you invested in your IT infrastructure but not sure what you have? How do you know it is running to optimum performance and working correctly? RCN can carry out a number of IT audits; we can provide you with the support and reassurance your that IT system is running at its best and meeting your business needs. During the audit, any problems will be identified and a plan of action will be put into place to fix them with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Software Licence Audit

We offer full desktop / server audits for software licencing to ensure that you are not in breach of any software regulations or licencing agreements, including Autodesk products.

Anti-Virus Audit

To ensure that your network and data is not left vulnerable to viruses, we can audit, disinfect, install and train users on using and following the correct anti-virus policies.

Hardware Audit

We can audit and document your hardware, which helps you understand what physical assets you own and is extremely useful for insurance purposes.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Audit

A reliable backup and recovery system is essential. We offer a number of data backup services including offsite copies, data replication and encrypted copies to external hard drives, to ensure your data is replicated safely and securely.

Network Performance Audit

To maintain peak network performance, we can carry out analysis on both your local and wide area networks, and trace potential bottlenecks and bandwidth hogs which could be slowing your business down.

Wireless Audits

We can help you understand your wireless system and work with you to get the coverage you need in the right places. We look at AP deployment, coverage and saturation levels and present the data and recommendations in a report.

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