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RCN is a highly skilled and knowledgable organisation that has been operating and providing leading IT solutions for over 18 years. Our vast wealth of real-world knowledge means we can provide IT consultancy services which will bring real benefit to your business, whether it is large or small. We can help your business benefit from well designed and implemented IT solutions.

RCN's services have proven to be an extremely good investment for the HACS Group and we would not hesitate in recommending them to any other organisation.

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RCN specialises in improving and enhancing the productivity in an organisation through the utilisation of tested, industry-leading technology solutions. We work with your organisation to understand your business processes, analyse the current IT systems and identify bottlenecks. We will work with you to implement improvements on your IT systems, to increase efficiency and business productivity.

Underperforming IT = poor productivity + poor performance = poor business results.

Make your IT work for you! IT systems and infrastructure are often seen simply as a cost burden and if not controlled and optimised correctly, they can be just that. If managed and optimised, an inefficient system can quickly be turned around to deliver impressive business gains.

Server Configuration

A secure and correctly configured server can make all the difference to its performance and productivity, directly impacting your employees and business.

PC Configuration

When a PC is configured correctly so all the applications and various protection mechanisms are working together, it will have a positive impact on productivity of the end user.

Network Configuration

Many variables can either increase or decrease the performance, from misconfigured switches and routers, through to the actual cabling and network card configuration.

Employee Internet Access

RCN can advise, design and implement systems and processes to help keep the positives of Internet access, without all the distractions that can drain your most expensive resource... your employees.

Remote Access Methods

A correctly planned and managed remote-access system or mobility policy can deliver real value to your organisation. It allows the workforce to remain productive, while away from the office.

Managing Your IT

We can audit and analyse your IT systems, which can significantly impact how you manage your IT system and its associated costs, and help budget and plan for business growth.

Security Audits

Security is essential to your business! RCN can audit, design and implement the necessary control and security systems to substantially reduce risks of a security breach in your business.


Giving a remote workforce access to internal business systems while they are away from the office is useful and more often than not critical to an organisation's operation. Employees who can gain access to their information, applications and data while away from the office, will be much more productive. RCN has the experience to deliver mobility solutions which are secure, reliable, resilient, cost-effective and can provide an environmental benefit too.

RCN mobility solutions:

  • Build a mobile work environment where the barriers of time and distance are eliminated and access to information is based on need, not location.
  • Ensure the protection of any sensitive business-critical data contained on your network.
  • Extend the reach of your network without compromising integrity, effectively removing the risk that external devices pose to your network.
  • Reduce business operating costs by creating a cost-effective platform that is capable of supporting current and future technologies.
  • Accelerate decision making, encourage collaboration and streamline tasks by ensuring that all your employees have access to the same resources.

We provide innovative cost effective solutions utilising proven technologies.



Providing secure and reliable access to your internal systems and services for your remote staff, offices and partners.



Mobility and information collaboration through a secure extranet system. We specialise in hosted Sharepoint solutions.

Thin Clients

Thin Clients

We can design, implement and support Citrix, Terminal Server and VDI solutions to provide secure and scalable solutions.



Allows your users communicate effectively from anywhere in the world while also slashing communication costs.



Connect your roaming users, remote offices and partners through intelligent, cost effective and well designed systems.

E-Mail Solutions

E-Mail Solutions

Keep your staff connected to their e-mail wherever they are in your organisation, the country or the world.



Control what your remote workers have access to when away from the office is vital to ensure that your company is not at risk.


Wide Area File System

Replicate your business data between your offices securely, in real time and without implementing a wide area network.

RCN will analyse your precise requirements and build a mobility solution that works for your organisation, with your current and future business in mind.


Virtualization allows multiple operating system instances to run concurrently on a single computer; it is a means of separating hardware from a single operating system. Each "guest" OS is managed by the virtual machine operating system, also known as a hypervisor. Because the virtualization system sits between the guest and the hardware, it can control the guest's use of CPU, memory and storage, and even allows for a guest OS to be moved from one computer to another.

Virtual machines are encapsulated into files, making it possible to save, copy and provision a virtual machine rapidly. Full systems (fully configured applications, operating systems, BIOS and virtual hardware) can be moved in seconds (from one physical server to another) for zero downtime and continuous workload consolidation.

RCN can design, implement and manage virtual machines based on VM software from any of the three major players:

  • VMware
  • Citrix XEN
  • Microsoft HyperV

Benefits of Virtualisation:


Multiple applications and operating systems can be supported in a single physical system; servers can be consolidated into virtual machines. Computing resources are treated as a uniform pool, to be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner.


Virtual machines are completely isolated from both the host machine and other virtual machines. If a virtual machine crashes, others are unaffected. Data does not leak across virtual machines, and applications can communicate over configured network connections only.


A complete virtual machine environment can be saved as a single file, which is easy to back up and move to different hardware. Standardised virtual hardware is presented to the application which guarantees hardware and software compatibility.

RCN has been working with server virtualisation technologies for many years and we have first hand experience in harnessing the power and potential of this technology for your business. We are your ideal partner to deliver the results which you would expect from a successful implementation on virtualisation.

Interim IT Management

If you have a requirement for interim IT management due to any reason, be that illness to resourcing issues, RCN can help by placing either short-term or longer-term interim IT managers that are experienced, capable and friendly. We operate with integrity and we will bring real value and experience, which will benefit your organstion throughout the interim period.

Our interim IT managers do not operate alone and will have the full support of our team of IT engineers and project managers throughout the placement time. Long-term or short-term, we can help your business so please contact us if you would like to discuss further.

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