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E-Mail Protection

E-Mail protection that works!

RCN delivers enterprise level e-mail filtering using award winning MailCleaner software.


All of your business e-mail is firstly delivered to our e-mail cluster, which is hosted in our Tier3 datacentre here in the UK. Each mail is then scanned and (once it has passed a series of rigourus checks) passed to your local e-mail server. This eliminates over 99% of junk e-mail.

E-Mail Protection Software

While e-mail is necessary for any corporate operations, it can also expose your company to a myriad of risks. This is because it offers easy access to your business computers for harmful programs such as viruses and spyware.

This is where RCN's MailCleaner filtering platform can help; by stopping malware before it even reaches your employees' inboxes. If a harmful file is detected, MailCleaner will automatically send it to a quarantined zone where it cannot cause any damage.

Flexible E-mail Protection Services

We offer a number of packages, suitable for small companies and large corporations. Our spam filtering service is easily configured by changing your DNS with your online internet provider. After this, all mail will then be filtered through our effective hosted servers, which send all unwanted messages and viruses to the online quarantine.

MailCleaner is perfect for any ISP, as it works over a variety of domains with different spam filtering rules. Each server gateway can also handle large volumes of traffic, plus the software is easily installed in less than fifteen minutes!

A More Secure Option

RCN's e-mail protection service is a recommended solution for any company. Our anti spam software provides the best virtual enterprise protection around, whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation. From spam to viruses, our software is guaranteed to be the blocker for any unwanted files or messages.

Whether you want a shared or virtual cloud based solution, please contact us today. We will be happy to discuss how our e-mail protection service can act as the e-mail firewall that you require. Removing the clutter from your commercial inbox is now easier than ever before!

Want to protect your e-mails?

It costs a lot less than you think to properly protect your business from bad e-mails. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements: